How Much Do You Charge?


There's no charge to list a product for sale in ProProfs Store. Whenever a free user makes a sale, we charge a 20% transaction fee and pay you 80% of the proceeds. Our 20% includes a 3.5% bank processing fee, all merchant account/gateway fee, and any marketing fee at our end to promote your products.


If you are already paying for any of our products (such as quiz maker or training maker), you get a discounted rate of 9.5%, which also includes a 3.5% bank processing charge (so you keep 90.5% of the sale proceeds).


As a paid customer, you can also set your own payment mechanism and use ProProfs just for a course or quiz delivery inside your website. In such a case, you just pay the regular subscription fee and there's no transaction fee as it happens in your payment gateway and doesn't involve ProProfs. The transaction fee is only applicable when you sell directly through ProProfs.

If you are using Stripe, ProProfs does not charge any processing fee. Stripe levies a 2.9% + 30¢ charge. Deposits and refunds are done directly through Stripe. You will be paid instantly as and when a sale happens.



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