How Do I Create Coupons?


Coupons are part of our e-Commerce Add-on plan. They are a great way to promote the courses, quizzes, etc. you have created and are trying to sell.


Coupons are special financial discounts and rebates offered on them as a part of the sales promotion of your product.


With ProProfs Store, you can create your own coupons to promote your courses and offer discounts to returning customers for an increase in your sales.


Follow these steps to create coupons in ProProfs Store:


Step 1: Navigate to My Store -----> My Coupons.



Step 2: Click "Add Coupon" to create a new coupon.



Step 3: Customize your coupon. Provide a coupon code, select a discount value, expiry date, and, number of attempts before a coupon expires. Click Save to add the coupon.


Coupon Customization Window


The Coupon Customization Window is given below:



Coupon Code: The name of the coupon that will be displayed to the user.


Discount Value: The discount that will be given to the user. It can be a set amount in dollars or it can be a certain percentage of the total price.


Coupon Expire Date: Used to set the Expiry Date of a coupon.


Applies to:  The dropdown decides whether the discount applies all content or a particular product.


Coupon Attempts: Tells the number of times a coupon can be used by a customer.


How to Send Coupons to Customers


You will have to send the coupons manually to the customer. If you want a customer to use your coupons, simply advise them to enter the coupon code on the billing page by checking the "I have a coupon code" checkbox.



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