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How Do I Set the Price?


ProProfs Store allows you to sell quizzes, courses, and FlashCards. You have the freedom of setting whatever price you want. You can set individual pricing for each of your listings. 


This article covers the following:


Setting Price for Your Quiz


Step 1. Select the Market & Sell tab under the Settings section of a quiz. Then, click Free (price is set to 'Free' by default) to reveal other pricing options.



Step 2: Set your desired price, access duration, and make your listing public. Click Set Price to save your settings.



Setting Price for Your Course


Step 1: Under the Settings section of your course, navigate to the Market & Sell tab, then, click Free to reveal pricing options.



Step 2: Set a price, access duration, and make your listing public. Then, Click Set Price to save the changes. 



Setting Price for Your FlashCard


Step 1: Under the Settings section of a Flashcard, select the Market & Sell tab, then, click Free.



Step 2: Set a price and access duration, and save the changes by clicking on the Set Price button.